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Jayney wiv da grammah slap

Well that's going on the menu

Well that's going on the menu

Adele knows.....

Look at them mocking me...

Fuck knows what I'm going to do with these...

I'm thinking I might have made too much Granola....


So my Benidorm stag clothing has turned up...


I was here. Camden brewery

Camden Brewery

Here miss brosephine

It broke me Danny.....

Burger 6 Patty & Bun
*The Piggy Smalls
Confit pork chilli burger

Burger 5 NanBan
Some Asian train wreck with a potato mushroom slice of arse in it...

Burger 4 Almost Famous
*note the bacon butter brownie and Frazzles in the burger

Burger 3 The Hawksmoor