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The day everything changed.


Did you know having 5 kids at Disney means 5 times the fun?!? Weeeeeee!

I know it seems that has a smaller head, but I'm standing 16ft in front of him.

My first girlfriend in 7th grade.
dresses better now.
I don't.


My first girlfriend in 7th grade.
She dresses better now.
I don't.


Just did Sophie's nails. These bad boys should be in the smithsonian.

aaaand now my life is complete.

or this.

In the belly of the beast today. May do something drastic for my . Like unplug this sign. I'M A MAD MAN!!!!

Google the cover of the first album you ever bought with your own money. This time let's hashtag it!

Ok google your first car and post it. Mine was an '82 ford escort.

All the things I'd take back if I had only known.

After I finish my current book "Knowledge of The Holy" by Tozer, I'm going straight to this!

Probably my fave

I miss the far side.

Charlie Millard & Ben Scheuchzer. Seems like yesterday and me were doing the same pose. #mm