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I'm a proud #TeaParty Official in my town doing my part to keep the Progresives from taking MY country. #FOXNews #GlennBeck #SarahPalin 1 Timothy 2:12

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Liberals are only tolerant of gays, feminists, blacks, atheists and muslims. What about our free speech! #TeaParty

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The best way to shut up a #atheist is to use there science against them. Love doing this to them! HA! #TeaParty

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Dont care you are, this is funny stuff. #TeaParty #tcot

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For GOd and Country. We are Tea Party Strong. I love this painting. #TeaParty #tcot #Faith

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So hows this for liberal tollerance towards us? Free speech aint just for Liberals. #TeaParty #tcot #NRA

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We #TeaParty Patriots stand with Megyn Kelly. Dont let the left confus your kids, Santa is white. thats a fact!

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Dont let the ignorant #Atheist hate groups win the War on Christmas. Keep Christ in Christmas yall! #TeaParty #

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Listen up Progresives. You think were gonna let you push us around, take our religion and guns? Think again! #NRA

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You can not shut us down. We are the #TeaParty and we will be heard and we will take our country back! .

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More truth Obama's homboys in the MSM wont tell us about #Obamacare. #TeaParty Pats and were right!

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Amen! Some of us aint afraid to tell the truth because the MSM sure as hell wont. Keep it up #TeaParty Patriots!

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Obama Use Water Cannons On Elderly Vets - http://nationalreport.net/washington-memorial-protest-obama

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Share it! We got the attention of DC now. I would hate to be out there. HA! #TruckersForTheConstitution #TeaParty

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Sexual education is PORNOGRAPHY! They are teaching our kids this stuff as early as 3rd grade #TeaParty #SexEd #FOX

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If welfare worked we this would never happen. Poor women like this are the real victems. #TeaParty #

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Still dont think gay marriage hurts america. THINK AGAIN! #DOMA #PROP8 #TeaParty

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Can't wait for this show. #GeorgeZimmerman will be a great addition. We get to here his point of view. #FOXnews

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Were on Twitter & Facebook EVERY DAY! The Left calls us stupid, atacks and spit on us. We dont get paid! #TeaParty

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#ObamaScandalMovies No Country For White Men. Wake up america and listen to , and . #tcot

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So this is how Obama acted when he found out WE WONT LET HIM GET WAY WITH #Benghazi cover up. #Fact #TeaParty

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