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The results of my baking efforts for the evening. (SO GOOD.)

  • 1957 days ago via site
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But more importantly, you kill giant things! With your friends! (John's character - a few levels back - pictured here ^_^)

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Also? My character is hot. Just sayin'.

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So I'm kind of addicted to this new game, Vindictus... free third-person adventure MMO. SO MUCH FUN. SO MUCH SMASH.

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I blame this one as per why I didn't get out of bed for half an hour after I woke up.

  • 2011 days ago via site
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Sammi threatened me with lasers if I tried to take the bed back...

Three years later than it should have happened... but I finally made it.

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We conclude today with the true spirit of Ciara...

  • 2133 days ago via site
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Bed head and a sneaksy bed thief.

  • 2145 days ago via site
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But this kitty also has a srs-side, come between her and her skritches and she'll be chargn her lazrs, at u!

  • 2146 days ago via site
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And occasionally a tail skritch too. (Butt reflex of doom!)

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Sammy the Wondermau appreciates a good scratch behind the ear.

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Found this little guy walking down the middle of the street. Pulled over to chase him to safety.

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This amused the heck out of me.

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By request, today's haircut. >.

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Me as "Bardic Wolf!" The sword swinging, shuri ryu green belt with guitar and singing powers for bardic spells that support the group! My red trenchcoat instills a great deal of my fantastical abilities by virtue of being a red trenchcoat (see Vash, Alucard, Witchhunter Robin, Edward Alric, Dante, multiple Final Fantasy characters, and Carmen Sandiego for proof of such.) I also have a red wolf companion. Just 'cause. Whee it's 1:30!

  • 2276 days ago via site
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