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In just a few hours I have a date with the #manofsteel . I'M the kryptonite.

  • 973 days ago via site
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Grandma Lilli wrkd but wasn't fully independent. Lilli: "I could do w/o balding older men, but my budget couldn't"

  • 974 days ago via site
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Watching Sally Draper. This stuff is getting real. #madmen

  • 975 days ago via site
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Got on my black mourning bands. Wedding clean up is a bitch. #gameofthrones #mhysa

  • 975 days ago via site
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Looking through our family books at pictures of my Grandma, Bild Lilli from Germany. I love her diary entries...

  • 976 days ago via site
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Wondering how to get my Fun Phone off the grid.

  • 976 days ago via site
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That awkward in-between phase: after a TGIF party and before my morning coffee.

  • 977 days ago via site
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Don't mind me. Just doing a little PRISM work for the NSA. I see you've logged into Facebook 8 times today.

  • 977 days ago via site
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It was great meeting Stevie Nicks, but what I really wanted was to lay Lindsey Buckingham down in the tall grass!

  • 978 days ago via site
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My li'l sis Skipper has fallen into the wrong crowd. Now she's rude & irresponsible, like she was raised by Bratz!

  • 979 days ago via site
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How can I get Steven Moffat to consider me for Matt Smith's replacement? #DoctorWho

  • 979 days ago via site
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Getting #Prancercise tips from my horse Tawny. I want to be just like Joanna Rohrback, but w/o the camel toe.

  • 980 days ago via site
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All of us dolls love you, Michael Douglas, but as a FRIEND. No need to show us your special skillz.

  • 981 days ago via site
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Wow. No two ways about it. Somehow, I've GOT to convince Midge to try a Brazillian blow out.

  • 981 days ago via site
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#Redwedding ? Sounds so fun and festive. I recorded Game of Thrones last night and can't wait to watch!

  • 981 days ago via site
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Ken can never get into my panties. Probably because they are tattooed to my ass. #Barbie

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