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You guys, my kid—he never fails to amaze me with the depths of his gift.

I'm going to have to eschew all social media tonight since I can't be home watching #TheBlacklist.

X-posting b/c I know some folks won't click on a FB link & this is too good not to share. Bill the Cat did it better!

Bless! At her age, I had pin-straight hair & desperately wanted my sister's curls. Much Aqua-Net was sacrificed.

Tried on new gown for husband. His reaction? "Where's the rest of it?" followed by, "You're wearing that out in public?" YES!

Oh, I find this entirely too hilarious. Competition pic: #PsychTheMusical interpretation:

Oh, I find this entirely too hilarious. Competition pic:

I call this one, Introducing: The Chief!

More emergency cuteness for #PersonOfInterest recovery.

More emergency cuteness for #PersonOfInterest recovery.

No idea what the rest of their program looks like, but this lift is utter perfection.

Posting again because it's adorable & b/c I'm proud of my kid. The Diva's My Little Horseman.

The dress you put your bridesmaids in if you really hate them. Or have an affinity for JiffyPop.

. My daughter, aspiring manga/anime artist, created My Little Horseman for #sleepyhollow

It really is—it is *the* quintessential Western, as far as I'm concerned.

Or to Notting Hill.

I voted, did you? RT PSYCH Fans Unite! Let's do this!

Or, if you prefer, the Diva's Sad Panda:

Sadly, no, my darling. However, for you: