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Everything that can be invented has been invented. Charles Duell, Commissioner, USPTO, 1899 - - Hmmm?! - Me. - - Dubito ergo cogito ergo sum.

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Another year at The Woodward Dream Cruise. A wonderful way to spend the day. #Cars

Just another house for sale in Detroit.

At one of my Virtual Offices. 34k locations in 118 counties. Thank you US and NSF for connectivity.

One Awesome Newspaper!

Bachelor Food: Probably not worth the effort of patenting 'Hot Dog Stew.'

Weekend at the Telegraph Classic Car Cruise. Only 3 weeks until the Woodward Dream Cruise.

It may be time to learn more about Plant Patents

Yummy in every respect. #MotorMuster #THF

Hard to believe that it's nearly 50 years old. #THF

Motor Muster at #THF - Americana at its finest.

Hanging out at The Zoo as seen in Real Steele.

I hope Spring has finally arrived.

Hello Canada. My cellphone is connecting to Canadian cell towers rather than US. Take that SP.

Interesting, when I try to access #Detroit Twitter fails.

Welcome to Pothole City #Detroit

Original or Photoshopped?

Don't worry, I don't bite. Famous last words (heard).

Real or Photoshopped? I think I am finally figuring out how to take pictures with my cellphone.

Given the option always sit in front of the engine, that's where the good seats are.