Keira Nightingale


Writer, ginger and little mermaid. I love girly girl stuff like dresses and cuddles but I also like skuling beer, footy and pushing my mates into things.

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OK so not make ups, just had a bath etc however vanity can wait I need to show off my ten buck Target romper.

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Bit far off, but Gaz took a photo with a baby kitteh #aflcatssuns

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I swear this is not at all photoshopped. It's my and my husby Joel Corey!!

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My Dad the "Swans fan" wearing the Cats scarf I got him in Pamir, Tajikistan! #gocats Got my height from Mum :P

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My and my family taken before the start of my fifth year at Hogwarts.

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All hail your new ginger overlord

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Me and ! Thank you and all the Cats for a brilliant morning! Everyone was so lovely :)

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'Scuse my expression but Harry Taylor (and James Kelly who I didn't get a photo with) are GORGEOUS.

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I like to call this one Creeping on Chris Scott #scottybeammeup #gocats!

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Me with Pods. He made sure everyone who wanted a signature got one #nicestguyout!

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This will cheer my fellow Cats fans up. I have no idea what's going on in this! Hahaha #afldonscats

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Yes they are Cameron Ling, yes they are!

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What I wore on my date! If I'm going to shower for you, you know I think you're a sweat heart.

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Your wish is my command, This is legit #notatallshopped #pippacometome

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Proof players pull the plastic bits off themselves. Direct your attention to my boy Jimmy B. #thanksheraldsun

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This will be my expression if the Cats don't win and make it 11 for 11 tonight. #aflcatshawks

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Sorry for the blurry blur #failphotography. See my lame behind in my new Geelong Kitties merch #gocats

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This is the top half of my dress and, ah, the ceiling fan! Too cold to take a long one! #brrrrrrr

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#aflcatsnorth this is me in the area we were sitting today! #gocats Great record breaking day at Skilled.

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