Alabama Dreamers


We're Dreamers in AL, fighting the nation's most punitive immigration law...and going to high school while we're at it. #CrisisAL #DreamAct #immigration #ad4f

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We shall not forget those behind those walls! *Signs on windows say we love you and Thank you! #NoToHB56

We are against HB56! #NoToHB56

Stop your blatant racist. #NoToHB56

This is what democracy looks like. #NoToHB56

No papers no fear! Immigrants are marching here!

It seems that certain Alabama politicians must have not paid attention during church. #CrisisAl #NoToHB56

"We are here to show our opposition to those who are against our civil liberties." Jose V. #CrisisAl

"I want to be a role model for my little three year old sister." - Jocelyn #NoToHB56 #CrisisAL

"I begged my mom to let me stay here for at least one more year. I wake up every morning and my mom isn't there."

"My name is Jocelyn and I am 13. I have had no Dad, but my mom has always been there for me." #NoToHB56

"There are immigrant mother's who are being shackled down while giving birth." #NoToHB56

"I love everyone. Why can't you Governer Bentley and Senator Beason." Mans best friend #NoToHB56

"I'm here fighting for the mother in Albertville who wouldn't answer the door out of fear." - Victor P. #HB56

To those who say what part of illegal don't you understand I say, "What part of humanity don't you understand?" Victor

"I'm not going to sit back and watch my state regress back to the era of intolerance." - Victor P. #HB56 #NoToHB56

I'm Victor Palafox and I'm undocumented and unafraid! #NoToHB56 #CrisisAL

The people united shall never be defeated! #HB56 #NoToHB56

Even a dog loves everyone regardless of people's immigration status.

Perfect. #NoToHB56 #CrisisAL

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