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Intellectual Rebel, Entrepreneur, First Class Business Management Graduate, Anti Conformist, Enigma, MUFC, Sports Connoisseur and Voice of the PEOPLE!

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Went and watched the mighty red devils rape #Villa on their own turf earlier! #MUFC #HappyDays

Another Bday,another bottle of Ciroc!Which is for tonight I'm not a day drinker,what do U think I am a pisshead!Haha

27 and still doing fireworks and blowing shit up whilst getting drunk! Is this not what life is about? Haha #BigKid

I think this is why flapped it and didn't enter a team this year! 6th for Oct and 33rd overall!

Got the new #FIFA14, so that's my life sorted for the next few months! HAHA #HappyDays

Did a bet on both teams to score and 13/14 scored with only fucking #Reading not scoring after losing 6 - 0! #Wounded

Just destroyed one of these, I defy you to find a better mixed or any other kind of sizzler in #Coventry! #Stanton

#Belvedere vodka bitches! This shit goes down nicely, Cheers again motherfuckers!

#Belevedere vodka bitches! This shit goes down nicely! Cheers again motherfuckers!

A couple of nice cold #beers followed by a few cheeky JD's is perfect in this weather! Cheers motherfuckers!

This finally arrived today. An insight into the psyche of one of the most evil men to ever live. #Hitler #MeinKampf

Destroying a bottle of #Jamerson with on a sunday night why not?

#Wrestlemania brings back memories of when i went and watched #WWE raw live last yr at the o2 London! #GoodTimes

Randomly at the #Cov game tonight with my bro and a his mate. First time i been to the #Ricoh decent stadium!

My watch is like #MilaKunis sexy as fuck! #Breitling #Balling

My watch is like #MikaKunis sexy as fuck! #Breitling #Balling

Staying in and doing the session at yard with my bro! Yeah another bottle of #Ciroc! #NYE

Feeling stuffed from all that food now got the bottle of #Ciroc vodka open! Yeah Buddy

Watching an #AnIdoitAbroad3 in China just brings back memories of my trip to China last year with uni. #GoodMemories

Uni finally sent my degree today, here's what a BA degree in Business Management with First Class Honours looks like!

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