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Btw Aoba and his room fit perfectly into my square bookshelf and is waiting now for company. <3 #nendos

  • 625 days ago via site
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Ahhh KouAo smut alert on my TL and look what is also waiting for me. Why do I have no time today? ;_; #DramaCDs

  • 638 days ago via site
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Started reading SERVAMP and Tales of Symphonia manga. Both are so much love. *3*

  • 639 days ago via site
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Got my B-PASS mag and first OCD poster *_* Had to sacrifice a Jin one so feel honoured boys. :P

  • 683 days ago via site
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DMMd goodies. *__* The bag is made of really thick material so hopefully great quality.

  • 687 days ago via site
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I also got a bunch of new manga. Natsume Isaku support: check! X3

  • 688 days ago via site
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Nice delivery for Wetnesday. Wet boys, a bloody vampire and I got Tsukumo and placed her near Mamo and Hirarin ;D

  • 688 days ago via site
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Currently reading: BERSERK and the latest Vampire Hunter D. *__*

  • 704 days ago via site
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I got my first own trolley in a cute lilac. I guess my mom wants me to finally travel again. xD

  • 717 days ago via site
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Oh and did you know there's a Gakuen Heaven 2 game? I didn't but I found my fave chara already. XD (CV: Egu ^3^)

  • 739 days ago via site
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The Cool-B mag (it was really just worth the KouAo cover lol) and this gorgeous Natsume Yuujinchou artbook!! *o*

  • 739 days ago via site
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I still can't with Konitan and his handwriting though. X'DDDD

  • 739 days ago via site
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And the best. Long interview article with pics of Konitan!!! *____* Thanks again my dear.

  • 739 days ago via site
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From Janine ^3^ Another Hakuouki clearfile, Reiji trading card, DMMd PASH article and look at cutie Anubis. X3

  • 739 days ago via site
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Best thing about the girly shirt though is the back side print. Kinda reminds me of a drooling Cheshire Cat. XD

  • 753 days ago via site
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Signed best of album and a guitar pick. I listened to the album today and it's great. <3

  • 753 days ago via site
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Girugamesh tour and VIP goodies. *_*

  • 753 days ago via site
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And I got my crazy potato girl Sasha as a shingeki freebie. X3

  • 768 days ago via site
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The first two #shirokumacafe Drama CDs also arrived. The next two will be Panda and Grizzly Cafe. I need them all!

  • 768 days ago via site
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I got Yuukyan's beary Grizzly rock song and templates to make chara faces on my cappuccino. *o* #shirokumacafe

  • 768 days ago via site
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