106 and Ballparks


Is it April 5th yet? #bluejays #bbc #LoLz

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they love it there. took out all my carpets too. Now they're using scratch pads too.

Nothing better after a workout. Chicken, sweet potato, onions, cherry tomatoes and V8

What happens when you run out of hiding spots, lol

A staple for any bachelor's coffee table :)

Updated: with the caps. Will be adding Lansing to the collection this year.

Soon to be moved to the spare room that I'll be dubbing "Blue Jays bird house"

Dusty's hiding spot

Stay away from the wine Casey, that shit is dangerous! Leave that shizzle to me.

I serve as a great chair this time in the morning.

One of those teeth clencher pics.

I just finished playing with my nuts. Anyone want to see?

nah! I'm just comfy. LOL that was quick!

he worked out with me tonight, as well.

they rock! Casey is more photogenic though ATM

Awwww! How cute is that?

Gettin' ready for a workout!

Sleep on my belly! (Fat bastard voice) (how cute is that? Is there anything better?)

So apparently, I'm doubling as a bed at the moment.

Someone is always following me around and sitting beside me while watching TV. #cute

Casey loving a little #HIMYM :D