106 and Ballparks


Is it April 5th yet? #bluejays #bbc #LoLz

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Shift done! Oh wait . . .

At this rate, Dusty is going to need a good Optometrist, LOL #TMLtalk

Dusty finishing check against Ellerby on #panthers. Likes the plexiglass support too LOL #TMLtalk

#TMLtalk if any #leafs are dogging it, Dusty wants in, he's all over that puck!

Dusty checking out the ticker while watching PTS. LoLz

You can't see this, but Dusty's left arm is twitching. Someone's dreaming . . .

This is what I get for trying to fold my laundry. SmH, these guys are always getting in the way.

We just be hangin' round, chasing each others' tail, licking ourselves. You know, the usual!

then there's Dustin "I sleep in the fetal position and act like a human most of the time"

Casey looks like he's ready to give me a right hook.

What's with cats loving Man tracker? LOL

these kitties?

Part 2. Someone thinks my belly is his bed.

I'm going to shower you with cuteness! Part 1

#cutemode Casey is popping a flea collar #pimpin with Dusty goin' nuts over hair ties.

friend just sent me this, I thought of you and LOL hope the gif works.

Found 2 hair ties while moving stuff for inspector. Guess who loves them!

Casey loves using Google.

you ladies should go out for a drink with dusty sometime . . .

my boys wanted to say what's up to you ladies.