106 and Ballparks


Is it April 5th yet? #bluejays #bbc #LoLz

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Nap time, ssshhhh!

Sleeping beauties!

Tuborg gold in an innis and gunn glass with the skyline (can't see it today, too much pollution)

Gazing out the balcony door (don't worry, screen is locked shut)

"You wanna go?" . . . "YOU wanna go?" Dusty and Casey imitating Crabbe/Symmonds fight.

you missed a doozy earlier.

nom nom! (Yeah, I'm bored! Don't judge me!)

I tried to pause in the middle of my workout "you want the remote, do you? Push!"

Dusty checkin out some #bluejays highlights.

"Can I go to some games with you?"

L'amour tousjours! Vive les #bluejays! Really impressed with Season Ticket setup this year!

Ooooh! Fancy schmancy!

Package in the mail. I have no idea what it could be . . .

And off they went! Fight!

Just like an NHL hockey fight, they looked at each other as if to say "you wanna go?"

Dusty watching tito and JF

Put that in your cute pipe and smoke it! Can it get any cuter?

These guys jump at any chance I decide to start folding socks. Sigh.

This comeback brought to you by Dusty - Rally Cat! #TMLtalk

Ready to go again! He's double shifting like Gilmour! #TMLtalk