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28 ★ Eccentric ★ Whimsical ★ Vegetarian ★ All around awesome★ ♪♫ ♪♫ ♪♫ ♪♫ Fan of music, animals, cupcakes, photography, and people who are non-douchebags.

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Oh woe is me... Anyone want to play me in scramble free?! sn: BabyCakesTD :)

I have the same predicament! #PetOwnerProblems

I have the same predicament! #PetOwnerProblems

Do you think that this is a little excessive? Ha, I love this stuff!

Who loves carrot cake?! This ice cream is absolutely insanely delicious! (130 cals!)

Found money littering the sidewalk walking home from the bar! Sweet deal!

I love when tile placement works out so amazingly! ;) #wordswithfriends

So I had a coupon to try this new vegetarian product, AMAZING! #gardein I need to try them all!!

Meeting in Sheboygan this afternoon, they will try to stuff me w/ candy-but Im bringin my own snack-my first LUNA bar!

So far, I've lost the equivelant of 152 sticks of butter. (gross thought) #diet #health #fitness

This did too, lol

This made me giggle!


Drunk love!

I like to use arrows to get my point across! #DrawSomething

Hahaha....oh boy #DrawSomething #jerseyshore

Bella loves the new birdies!

Check out the newest additions to our house! Meet Lennon and Ellie!