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Give no fucks! Take no orders! #RAD

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At the brookfield zoo: a display on "invasive species" oh the fish look like bombs. I see...

Btw, this is what anarchism also looks like: literally cleaning up the streets as the State refused to

With my little bro...

Smoke sumthin

This is .

my dog thinks he's a lap dog.

They left this notice in the same pocket I was keeping the weed in.

& I found this while buying blunts. this is why #oakland rules

Make sure you buy the right stuff and you save the world! #Chipotle

Good morning.

pretty decent way to spend my Friday...

I'm fucking serious. Steal shit like this, turn it around and use it for your banners.

Love this dog. #Boxers

I'm wearing this one right now...

the great leader of leading a revolution!!! Did you even vote for him?

Btw this girl s in charge of . Pretty good for having no thumbs eh?

said only one person can be logged into twitter at a time. Do u even tweet bro?

Look at this fucking crossing guard with a gun...

stole some labels from work to make these

this is my life.