Thomas Silvers


18. Drummer for the band @BeforeYouExit. Can't help but smile everyday when I see all of the loving and supporting people in my life. You mean the world to me.

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Gettin' some more of my Christmas spirit on.

Hangin' ornaments with my pops. Gettin' my Christmas spirit on.

What a successful meal, see you two lovebirds next fall...

Came home to this. My grandma is the coolest. Thanks granny! #nerdslovetheirgrandmas

Couldn't think of a good tweet. So, this is all I got

See you soon Orlando.

"Making the best of my life, day by day, hour by hour, second by second, breath by breath."

Bye bye Orlando!

Man, you guys did some damage! To all those that asked me to marry you, it's a yes. Doing this again soon! G'night folks.

My girls look like they need a little fresh, wide open road air! What do u guys think?

Got way too much head pin tonight.

To all that post pictures of their specialties. This is mine.

Beach pong goin' strong. (Coca-Cola style) 

At the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine Beach and saw one of the actors from Harry Potter!

~ Mind on a permanent vacation, the ocean as my only medication, well aware of my condition, wishing it won't ever go away ~

Best friends forever.

I'm a sucker for the sky's fashion show.

Hello from 13,000 ft! Absolutely amazing.

Four wheelin' up the Rocky Mtns today, so much fun!! Guess there's a little bit of 's Texas in me after all.

Don't cross me scrub...

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