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This is the real Brandon Paul! Illinois Basketball #3

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Finished Product

Finished Project

Trying to put together a model Camaro Concept Car first time ever...this is before it's literally like 100 pieces

#TakeItEasy guy #itsnotthatserious

Young has a hot date tonight, her name is Urcala Eubanks

#Shoutout to my seniors gna miss y'all Congrats!

Stay tuned, Chad Clausen is finally gna get a Twitter LoL..this is epic..along with Pat Walters and his beard

Lol now I heard my mom tell my brother 4x so far to wash the dishes, n I go in his room to this.

#CMONSON - dude is confused..if ur my skin tone, shouldn't be tanning

Smoking Aces 3 to cast Odom Artest n Bynum as the new n improved Tremor Brothers lmao Crazies

Me n saw The real Ted Williams

Yes I went to go put my clothes in the dryers n found this..idk if it initially belonged to me but o well I'm happy

Gna be out w/my #CMONSON T from so y'all don't do anything I wouldnt do!

why would u complain about that, obvi never seen oops #TakeItEasy

#hold up .... Y'all thought I wasn't? #trickbag

I've been living at T3 since last summer n this the 1st time I've noticed this biggo tree lol

The carpet needed my assistance so I took the lost n found clothed bin n + it

#yournotsafe when you place of safety is leaking..basement of T3

#yournotsafe when you place of safety is leaking..basement of T3

Lmao this person is done! Just danced there way down the stairs