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These big dumb sticata killers or w.e all in the pool area..u expect me not to be scared of a bug capable of making this hole?

Bored last night n put a old signed pair of forces on the back of Niro's Gyros on 3rd n Green..wonder if #oomf finds them lol

#randomtweet I threw some old signed forces behind the Niros Gyros building on 3rd n Green..I wonder if #oomf finds them lol

All these damn seats in chipotle n these guys wanna sit right next to me n lol there's lik 6 open ones

if I was a snipper you'd be done...#creeperstatus haha

And I'm about to make 12 muffins out of this box n eat them allllllll

In a week my favorite show #Entourage will start it's final in preparation I'm watching every episode again..maybe obsessed

I forgot who I took/got this from but it's funny

I'm still waiting on my white ones to get here

Yo WTF is this? LOL

Same with Flo from the progressive commercials...this picture makes me so mad

Uhh yeahhh RT : Did you get season 7?


Uh ohhhh...

This dude Byron stole Joes LRG shirt n his forces, there needs to be repercussions

Out here all day #relaxation time been working hard lately

About 92 degrees, that's tough

look what happened to my crown it shrunk like crazy :(

Bout to smash some #chipotle...this guy knows what I'm talking about