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Poker tournament reporter, photographer, and award-winning podcaster. I used to drive around the USA w/ @Rhapsadog, but my new co-pilot is @BriscoMutt.

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For an appetizer, is enjoying the plastic covers for the meals:

Waffle House (to-go) for me & : Chicken Melt Plate, 2 eggs w/ cheese, double order of hashbrowns:

This is the only thing I wanted for Christmas, and it’s the only thing I need.

When family asked what I had been up to this year, I showed this photo w/ and no explanation. #StrangeLooks

Here’s a recent photo of 34-pound waiting for his breakfast:

So the cute little dog in this photo is now more than twice as big:

After a short struggle, conquers the Amazon package:

Seeing how he attacked this package from, is gonna enjoy opening gifts on Christmas:

Unable to choose between them, goes for the $8 chew toy and the Cherry Coke box at the same time:

Brisco goes back and forth between the blue $8 chew toy and the cardboard Cherry Coke box. #AllKidsLoveBoxes

Tug-of-War with :

. I hang my Disney-Star Wars ornament from the rear view mirror in my car.

After-dark walk w/ , and he would NOT stop barking at this glowing snowman. He *hates* this thing.

An open fire hydrant on a hot summer day is a beautiful thing. Much less so in chilly mid-December.

Unfortunately, I am his favorite chew toy.

Unfortunately, I am his favorite chew toy.

I’m seriously questioning why I booked a 6:00 am flight out of Las Vegas.

Oh, right.

At WPT Bellagio, interviews chipleader , , & . #ProfessionalBestFriends

Each episode of my podcast will have a different “album cover,” though they will share a consistent design style.

I was up until 6:30 am last night, but finally solved a design problem I had been struggling with — podcast album art.