Shannon Scott


Jiu-jitsu practitioner, Dale Jr./NASCAR enthusiast (undercover Busch Brothers fan), casual WWE fan. I tend to have a lot of conservative tendencies.

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The productivity of the #MeanGirlsCrew! #howWEdoit #dontbehatin!

"RT #gm Twitter... Bitch mode is officially activated. #fairwarning" Oh, boy...

*singing* Anything you can do, , I can do better! LOL #BOSS

The kinda shit does at work... #BOSS!

"RT In the original Italian story, Pinocchio kills Jiminy Cricket with a hammer."

"RT I'm so mad lmao! She really thinks I'm that hood, lmao!" do...

"RT A woman once sued Cap'n Crunch because their "crunchberries" weren't real berries."

Hot chocolate in the middle of August? Yes, please! Thermostat set on Artic, apparently...

Both o' ya'll...

I would tell you relax, but I don't think that's appropriate...

"RT #Scorpio sex is not a game." lol

"RT Dieting forces the brain to eat itself."


RT Do not ever underestimate my ability to find shit out.

Geek moment in the #Meangirlscrew Cube...

Dude, I almost did a fist pump. I have an excuse now!

RT RT That gangsta feeling when you rap your favorite song without messing up...

"RT If you are young, black, and/or female, then Republicans are a danger to your ambition and well being in the long run."