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Royals fan born weeks after the 85 WS. Member of the Middle Name Club. Has a lame claim to Tweeter fame.

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Opening day 2007! (That's Pena, not Pe a)

"That's a strike" said Rex after pitch 5

Runs allowed by KC in Hayes' starts: 5, 9, 7, 0, 1, 6, 9. Royals ERA when Hayes catches? 5.11

The problem has been found!

And the MLB article when Sveum got the hitting coach job in Milwaukee

From Pedro's intro as solo hitting coach last year:

Worst ISO (SLG minus Batting AVG) months:

May 2014 is currently the 11th worst hitting month in Royals history. Worst since 1992.

By my count, 7 groundballs, 7 flyballs, 4 line drives

Good to see Billy went to the Ned home run prediction school:

Getting to the bottom of the story:


May 2014 has been the worst hitting month since Dayton Moore was hired and the worst since August 2005:

Tonight's Royals game will be seen in several non-KC/LA markets

Not sure why the Royals players wouldn't rush to talk to 810


Gotta think this deal wouldn't have gone over well

The Royals are the only team in the AL to not have a single homer from their leadoff hitters. #Prototypical

In case you missed it: