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Royals fan born weeks after the 85 WS. Member of the Middle Name Club. Has a lame claim to Tweeter fame.

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The peak of my Soccer prediction powers:

Meanwhile on Facebook:

Henry Rodriguez update: 3 games with the AZL White Sox, 11 wild pitches thrown. Example outing:

For those who weren't around for the 2007 trade deadline

The righty rights movement has begun. Equal balk rules for all.

Pretty neat layout to the ability ballfield here.

Also, found this before seeing Bartolo's single tonight:

Scouting report: "This Man Is Unpredictable"

Preparing a search for tonight

Random rain update:

Let's party

Wait wait, be a what instead of a drain?

A picture of Alex Torres' hat. After the game he's joining Luigi on an adventure.

Hey, my World Cup picks weren't terrible so far today


The Tigers get all the big free agents



Mentioned this last night. There's an 85-15 split between Sal and Hayes in PT and a huge gap between them

Moose homered