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Royals fan born weeks after the 85 WS. Member of the Middle Name Club. Has a lame claim to Tweeter fame.

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I got into a wormhole by mentioning people misspelling Phil Robertson

Don't drink and tweet, Kids:

The Facebook is handling the Wichita story. Stand down.

Thru 28: Bonifacio 322obp/340slg, Infante 319obp/395slg, Polanco 339obp/410slg

So at least 7 of Dom Brown's 27 homers disappear at Kauffman Stadium

La bomba. That sounds important

Checking in on some Brewers fans

Bad news for Milwaukee area Direct TV

Brewers fans continue to check in on Facebook

Yeah , I'm not exactly fretting about the Royals losing Mike Moustakas

Loved in the sign-here sense or the Torii Hunter sense?

Dynamite drop-in there DoubleHelix

The top three headlines for the VPOTUS are stellar. Viva Joe.

And today in the life of Joe Biden:

Getting to know Jason Vargas!

Probably need to update part of this Wikipedia

I suspect this part of Wikipedia is a bit inaccurate

And survey time!

For those who didn't read the "Joba in KC" rumors, it's an Olney piece. Also on MLBTR

Meanwhile in surveys: