I promise to fill in my census and buy insurance!

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Not recommended for Saturdays. Someone please drink a beer for me!

Ahhhhhhhh. Nomad Bar. My ONLY neighborhood bar. How I love thee!

Best shuffleboard in Austin. Horseshoe Lounge! Bar none.

This pretty much sums up my Friday night...

The rocknroll pain train... Snake Skin Prison. My head hurts and my liver left me... Their new album will be out soon!

Hereya go CJ. I think ur a wiener! RT : see, you guys won. I didn't win shit. 0-4 this year.


Oooooooooooo shit!


With Lake Travis as defense, Mondays have no power over me! F Work!

We are pretty good at having fun.

Yum yum gimmie sum Atown!

Good morning foggy Austin. And to my 2nd 15 hour work day in a row... FOG YOU!

Ummm.... Whattya mean what was I doing before work???

Not what I invisioned when wife says "You handle the grass today"...
420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420

And yes... I did trim the bush...

It's not too early for indulging in all my addictions right? It is the weekend.

I'm on a boat!

Thanks again Monday for all you do do. Here's what I think of you!

Beautiful clear, blue sky day for jogging in Austin except for the barrage of clouds made from planes. Yuck!

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