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Youll notice that 98% of my tweets are about woodworking. The other 2% are beer related. Catch up on my projects at #bvvcraftmaster

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Its been a slow start to the woodworking week buy o started the mortise for the 2nd aluminum plate #bvvcraftmaster

Andy, you guys are in my area in a couple weeks, you should stop by and check out my current project!

Out with the old, in with the new(ish)

So its not an 8" but I just picked up a Jet "gold series" 6" for 200$ on Craigslist. This is a definite upgrade

I made that piston fit wine box out of those 2 woods. I really like the contrast

I'll get the second piece of lead to drop tomorrow. I'm done for the day #bvvcraftmaster

Went back in with the router and cleaned up the bottom. Now its time to remove the lip #bvvcraftmaster

Perimeter set with the router. I'll hog out the middle with a forstner bit #bvvcraftmaster

Set up and ready to start the other side #bvvcraftmaster

To here! 220 w/random orbit and then 320 and 800 by hand #bvvcraftmaster

150 grit #bvvcraftmaster

120 grit #bvvcraftmaster

Ros 60 grit #bvvcraftmaster

I'm going to get some aluminum screws for this as well #bvvcraftmaster

One side finished. Countersunk screws. I just need to sand the face of the aluminum to an even sheen #bvvcraftmaster

Need to go a little deeper on one side #bvvcraftmaster

I also used the router plane to mark the depth around the inside perimeter #bvvcraftmaster

Knifed in and ready to mortise for the aluminum plate #bvvcraftmaster

I need to leave 3/4 on each side to allow for the screws. Time to crosscut #bvvraftmaster

the lead is inset 1/4" so I have room for the aluminum cover #bvvcraftmaster