A hockey/photographing loving mom living in BC's Fraser Valley. I ♥ @VanCanucks Luuu lover ❤ RK17, KB3, @Baumer_5 @eddielack @DonnieWahlberg @JonathanRKnight

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I would like to.....

Its the final countdown

Happy Birthday Wahlberg!! Hope you have an amazing day. #LOVEETERNAL

I miss this view already!!! #VancouverLove

A trip to Vancouver is never a complete success unless I come with a bruise on my thigh!! #funtimes

Eman swingin' away at #StanleyPark

Manny!!!!! #Canucks #vanpride

Exactly.... How am I supposed to sleep now? Lol

Getting ready for Vancouver.

Never seen soya sauce this low in sodium before.

What the heck kinda spidey is this??

Damn bush took a chunk out of my finger. :( #booboo

Some kinda weird shit goin down in the hood. #foreigners in WA state rentals.

And they say out of all the animals, cats have the cleanest mouths! Poppycock I say. Lol

Excuse me! Can I help you with something? No? Ok fuck off then please. lol

Dear Neighbour with the bright floodlight shining into my windows.... It's almost 2am, please turn it the fuck off!!! Thx!!

Real friends...



Hey we still need to make a date for this store!! ;-)