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I talk on the talking box in your house, boat, and car. Host of Thiel Mornings on B97. I play the part of Thiel. Recovering PS3 junkie. Views are my own.

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Looky at what I found at the game .

Whaddup, dinner? Smoked ribs always taste better when people give up on grilling. #wintergrill

Look to your left. I bet your weird, drunk uncle looks a lot like my boy Deuce right now. #thanksgiving #dogs

From StL. #Hoosiers are everywhere. Peep the sticker in the bottom right corner. #bloomington

Coop's new #Bills shirt. Awesome.

Tacos Bell is now the TBell Lounge in Alton?

Here's . Yep, had good seats. #stlblues

So, I'll see everyone in like 3 weeks? #mw3

This popped up on my UVerse for tonight. Uhhh. #dbacks #worldseries

I'd say virtual had a decent game. #nhl12 #bealegend

Ladies, if you don't know what 'crazy eyes' are, here is a perfect example.

Tell me the Ralphie costume happened last night. #pinknightmare

Look at what I found in my dvd rack.

A space heater has made me the BMOC with my Chihuahua. #bigtiming

Hey! A wedding invitation idea I actually kind of dig: Magnet. Everyone loves a magnet. #outsidethebox

Waffles + FAIL = WafFAILs #dinner

Kev's ZIOSK #fail at Chilis.

Pulled pork done. Darker from apple infusion marinade. Cherry wood smoked.

8.5lb Boston Butt rubbed and ready for 19.5hrs in the smoker. #pulledpork

That is all. #colts #booze