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God. Family. Basketball. Hip-Hop. 18 years younging. instagram: ayeitsdaniella ; tumblr: ermygahddaniella

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Took me a second to spot it. But I'm dead now

LMAO excuse me while I die from laughing

no new friends just to piss you off

Uh hello

Master chef at work

Finally got my cd in the mail

18 an hour huh. I smell a little bull shiet in the air.

If you can't make yourself laugh you have one shitty personality. In the mean time here's me looking dumb:

Bitches be like need to hit up the tanning booth

Guess who's back? Mummy Daniella

Me and my new nigga went ham last night

7:45 morning class starting Monday -___- this is what I plan on waking up to for the next 8 weeks

Back to chilling with the bae ✌

AND IT STILL FITS! Preview for tomorrow though BREH

Beware. The walking dead is back

What I send to in snap chat >>