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Another picture taken last weekend at Krewe Crescent City BBQ right off downtown on Lincoln (1109 Lincoln street) The Old Miss vs. Alabama game was on full force and fans were eating and cheering. The food is awesome and worth going to try. The place was decked out in LSU memorabilia along with purple and green beads and umbrellas, amongst other brightly colored trinkets! Here is the SPECIALS & EVENTS page of their site and some upcoming events you might want to check out--> http://www.krewebbq.com/specials-and-events.html

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So my best friend, Xander, and I try to eat somewhere new every weekend. We eat out Fri,Sat, and Sun and one of those times we go somewhere new. Last Saturday we went to a place right off downtown close to the Library and on Lincoln. It is called Krewe Crescent City BBQ. It's a New Orleans style BBQ restaurant and bar and are all about Louisiana. They claim to be proud to be the" geaux-to bar for everything New Orleans Saints and LSU Tigers." They have breaded and fried alligator tail (Gator Bites), Fried Green Tomatoes, Andouille sausage-usually on a baguette with pulled pork (Tchoup Dog) Jambalaya, awesome southern cornbread, FRIED OKRA (and why does no one in Denver know what the hell Okra is??) and very good BBQ from pulled pork to Chicory Coffee Rubbed Beef Brisket. I recommend the Krewe BBQ Platter which comes with choice of pulled pork, brisket. or a few other meats and 2 sides like Slaw, Gumbo, Jambalaya, or other sides and the best gouda cornbread muffin I've had in a long time. All that for only 11 dollars! See? Not bad!

When Xan and I went last weekend, the OLd MIss vs. Alabama game was on and lots of fans were there to eat and cheer! They had LSU memorabilia all over the restaurant. It was an interesting time!! They have a great beer menu, too. If you look at the Specials and Events on their site, they have some fun events coming up. Here is their link--> http://www.krewebbq.com/

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Whow~ Interesting reading thrown for Jensen Ackles by my Drabarni (Romani) friend. Before I saying anything, I want to ask them a question... but feel free to chime in on your interp,anyone.

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Holy crap! My pics I take from my phone her stored on Google Plus & the site edited one of my pics on its own.LOL This is one I took at the Crypt a week or so ago. Bwahhhh. It had to pic this one, huh?

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One card pulled for Jensen Ackles using my Adrian Tarot Deck before Rune reading. Reversed Knight of Wands. Some frustration and indecision. Bad time to sign contracts or make career changes. Do not get lulled into acting impulsively. This is a fire element, You have got to get it under control Fire burns out. You're doing way to much. This can speak of travel and plans...and delays. It might be getting your goat, so to speak. Tempers are flaring. Knight of wands usually shows a rouge bad boy type with all the trimmings, but w/ you, I believe it just means ,in a relationship, you have to travel a lot & nothing more. Just be cautious of arguments and stress in existing relationships. Basically slow down and get the the true and honest bottom of the issue. I don't want to get too detailed with this AND the Runes w/out permission. ;-)

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This machine I can do for 200 reps before getting tired. I am strongest in my legs. This machine I love.

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This is the most tortuous device in my gym lineup. My fitness instructor thinks it is awesome. I loathe it. LOL

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I just liked the set up, how they were sitting,etc and I did tip them for letting me take a picture. Great kids

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My awesome fitness coach/trainer, Eric Waller, from Fitness in the City! He is truly one of the best!

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Haaa. Candid shot of my best friend after eating at Fogo de Chao

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OK, so my Panoramic didn't work well as we were watching the workmen in no shirts behind us. LOL

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After we went to the Brazilian Steakhouse called Fogo de Chao we walked though downtown and Lodo. This was surreal

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Close up of Angel lamp. LOL The store is asking $10,000

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Hipster lamp at a store across from my highrise--4 TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS,Yes $10,000. can buy it 4 Cas

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My dad's Delta Tau Delta (ΔΤΔ) ring from the 50's from University of Florida. I often wear it now.

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Ok, look at this pic and tell me if you see anything.

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Another view from my apartment,deck side looking over downtown. Love the view.The street lights are all blue also

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View from my new apartment in Downtown Denver. Beautiful. A few weeks ago. I just moved in end of last month

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This is a great Colorado brand.

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OK, I love Arhaus (in Cherry Creek,Denver,CO) I must have this couch. I have a plan. http://www.arhaus.com/

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