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23. BU Bison. East coast dweller. Mets & Knicks diehard. Food, fashion/beauty, music, TV, and movies enthusiast. Lover of the little things in life.

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Aw, Foursquare, you're so sweet. You sure I don't look more hungover than I did last year?

Finally added this iconic album to the iPhone.

Funny happenings on my timeline this morning.

The dream begins now.

. is out to ruin lives and slander my name, as usual.

These bad boys did not prepare me well for roller skating tonight. #bruisedbum #bruisedego

Expanding #team2am, one Tinder man at a time.

Too early for this. #tinderboys


Poo, I really miss my girls. #jerseyfod

Ride or die bitches #bestfriends #gradweek #nanasaidwearehot

Round two at Bojangles' got a little bit aggressive methinks.

Just gotta chalk it up to Tinder. #tinderboys

Mama Bear just Asian-hacked the heck out of the sun. #totalasianmove

God, is someone chopping onions in here? #daddyslittlegirl

Aaaaaand 's birthday present to me was unfriending me on Facebook. Thanks, doll.

Nothing makes me happier than birthday mail

New Tinder, why so awkward? "Your kids would be beautiful" is not an okay comment to make.

Places people go after Bull Run: Hot Diggity Dog. #accurate

Places people go after Bull Run... Hot Diggity Dog. #accurate