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23. BU Bison. East coast dweller. Mets & Knicks diehard. Food, fashion/beauty, music, TV, and movies enthusiast. Lover of the little things in life.

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Hey, remember the time I found three unopened Dogfish Heads on the train ride home?

But really... No one take my baby names, or somebody gonna get a hurt real bad.

How Lawyers Flirt 101: Use "Imprimatur." #talknerdytome

My cousin will probably block me on Twitter again for doing this, but I may have teared up a little bit.

"You're like the Jew whisperer." - #resumebuilder

I believe this is the quintessential #asianproblem.

GUYS. Hey, guys!


For this duct tape dress, can be on my bum, on my chest, and everyone else all over.

For this duct tape dress, can be on my bum, on my chesticles, and everyone else all over.

This exists, so uhhh.... One Direction duct tape dress for the concert tomorrow?

Reason #457 why I miss SCP. #SCPlove

And the number one reason for a Utah guy to like me on Tinder is....

Uh yes, 47 shared interests on Tinder.... And it's with a 12 year old. Smooooooth, Connie.

But seriously, how is that NOT sketch? #delusional

It's time.

8 Snapchats, 7 of which I cannot see.

I think liked my tweets about the game. ¡Viva España!

I feel like I'm about to enter a Saw-like situation with the "Would you like to play a game?" #tinderboys