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23. BU Bison. East coast dweller. Mets & Knicks diehard. Food, fashion/beauty, music, TV, and movies enthusiast. Lover of the little things in life.

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Called it. That was like right out of a movie. #RE2PECT

I keep wavering between absolutely loving my haircut to thinking I look like a young Aaron Carter.

No one extraordinary! But Richard Kind

I really enjoy the two different emotions in our tweets, lol. I thought it was Saturday too


My dentist appointment was kind of like this.

It feels like I just tweeted "Happy April!" Yikes. Happy May, y'all.

The Weather Channel really stepped their app game up.

Could it be...?! Now arriving on NJ Transit, WiFi.

This is a mildly disturbing stock photo chosen for the packaging of cucumbers.

It'll be horrifying to see the temperature start at 57 degrees and steadily drop until 14 degrees.

Handed the formerly undefeated king of my fantasy basketball league his first L this week. POW!

you're basically approaching Rapunzel status! also, just saw a man wearing these and it was weird.

At least my fantasy team knows how to go out with a bang!

The dress and shoes are AMAZING! If you want to see what the dress looks like on, I can text you lol

So close to Webster Hall, yet I still can't go see .

At least I can have a mini fangirl moment about favoriting my tweet.

If we all have 7 look-a-likes in the world, surely someone can find me a Ryan Lewis. #mancrushmonday

"Led by a Stellar WR Corps, Victorious Secret Hopes to Land Among the League's Elite." I'll take the B! #draftnewbie

Four strangers go to a Mets game...

LOL JK, we're just awkward.