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My friend just Grindr raped me. FML.

Bit bubbly, Sue

Why don't you hit me, Cath? #NightyNight

When your ex texts you

Anybody wanna give these a try with me? Say I..

And all you guys say love is dead..

Me when I load up Grindr

Not even going to beat around the bush. Too funny. #HappyValentiesDay

: can't believe this dudes 19. Hard life.

Hiya Sue, how's yew? Gotta scoot - feeling a bit bubbly

You missed "Hi"

Aww sweetie, did you not get the memo? You have to be gay and male to use Grindr.. #AwkwardGrindr

That's okay, you're not supposed to like your friends anyway?.. #AwkwardGrindr

This guy has the weirdest fetish we have seen to date.. #AwkwardGrindr

Did somebody say something?.. #AwkwardGrindr

Gays: take note. When you look this good you can be as picky as you want to be. #AwkwardGrindr #AreYouStraightActing?

It's always good to know your standing on the gay ladder, but our heart goes out to this one a little.. #AwkwardGrindr

This is either a parrot or a guy with short term memory... #AwkwardGrindr

We would, honestly.. but we've got tickly feet and there's nothing good on telly. #AwkwardGrindr via

Come back when you can spell and then we will talk blindfolds.. maybe. Ok probably not. #AwkwardGrindr

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