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Here's a new pic from TerraRay 5 for #mac, rendered in 4:30 on my MBP.The scene will be included as a sample scene in V5

New pic from TerraRay 5 showing more complex auto texturing modes:

Here's a new pic, rendered in 1:42 minutes in #TerraRay 5 on a 2010 MBP i5

Here is a similar one:

Here's a new pic:

New pic from #TerraRay for #mac, took about 4 minutes to render with version 5:

Church at night:

Pic rendered with TerraRay 5, 1024x768, 2xaa and 3 aa passes. Render Time 6 minutes on MBP 2010, here is the result:

New pic from TerraRay 5.0, rendered in 1920x1200 in under 6 minutes on MBP Core i5. Update will be free for all users

Complex textures in TerraRay (6 layers of textures applied to the terrain):

Grassy river:

Same scene as bird view:

And another render:

New render:

Water Test made with TerraRay 5 available soon, rendered in 2 min on 2010 MacBook Pro:

GIANT snake :-) (it is an imported ads model)

Render Test:

New pic from TerraRay for #mac

new pic made with 4.5 showing the new water shader:

Pharao at sunset: