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Clouds for Version 5.2 of TerraRay for #mac are making good progress:

please note this small but very powerful button in the render toolbar:

Another puffy cloud, this time at sunset:

And a puffy cloud at daytime:

I am currently working on new volumetric code for clouds for V5.2, what do you think? Render time was 2 mins.

Same landscape at sunset:

Misty Desert Render:

Preparing 5.1 release…here is a test render of an erupting vulcano:

Erode in V5.1 really helps constructing exciting terrains, this has been created in 2 mins:

Making very good progress on the erosion simulator:

Making real progress on the erosion algorithm:

Last shot for today, I hope you like it! 5.1 will be another big step forward for TerraRay!

Another shot of the new erode algorithm...

Here's a first pic of the natural erosion system coming to TerraRay 5.1

Another Render with TerraRay 5.1 for #mac using Depth of Field:

Here's another DOF shot:

Hi Folks, new pic from the DOF effects coming to V5.1 due at the end of october among other improvements

FINALLY it is working the way I wanted it to work:

The depth-of-field-algorithm is now working perfectly…it's time to build a GUI now!

ha! Minutes after posting the last tweet I found the issue…here is one of the first real DOF renders from TerraRay 5.1!