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just another quick random drawing of a thought dat passed by,didnt pay any attention to detail as it all happened fairly quickly.... this time its a Spartan Monk :P
well trained in the spartan's aggressive offence and solid defence as well as the monks ability to observe and counter the opponents force and turn it on himself as well as....kung fu....,makes this guy a force to be reckoned with.....
hes the kinda guy who #SimplyWalksIntoMordor :P

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a super fast drawing of some random thought dat happened to pass through my brain dat ill prolly regret drawing a few months from now :|

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sneak peak on a sword ill be flashin maybe tmorrow or somethin :P

  • 581 days ago via site
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much larger size for suggesting reasons :P

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well the full sets done, the Unknown:Gamma and the Primordial Staff of the Unknowns....heres the original sketch http://twitpic.com/ccbtqo

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unknown:gamma flashed and ready to roll :P weps in progress....
completely remade the cape,heres the original sketch http://twitpic.com/ccbtqo

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unknown-gamma set

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shows all kinds of evil thingies closing in on ,but that cool hat and dat sneer on his face tells u all u need to know XD

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slightly mwore colorful version XD

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its done....
dage's retreat after his defeat at tercessuinotlim by the nulgath nation...
happy bday

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dage's retreat after his defeat at tercessuinotlim by the nulgath nation...
advance happy bday ...

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entry for contest :P
terminator inspired...

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reuploaded, my 1st ever flashed aqw armour/outfit.... the hired hand set

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another character,hes supposed to be a war-mage or somethin, abilities include both physical strength and magic and combos of the both, he fights unarmed because he realises he himself is the ultimate weapon.

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another quick 1 :P

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random quick drawing :P

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entry for contest, soaring pheonix hand lol.

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random quick drawing :P

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my 1st ever digitally painting.... i used an old simple drawing since im nub at dis...

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been a loong time since my last armour... i giv u the Doom Calibrator set...
cause 'knights' in shining armours are overrated :P

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