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An oldie but a goodie.

Probably that’s my problem. I just updated the app and that tab still isn’t there. :(

Hi Fiona. I use Tweetbot. It has a translate button if interested. :)

Soulmate. ✔️✔️

Somehow thought of you for some reason :-)

Ice, ice, baby :-)


*A lot of time on your hands.

They really must do this on purpose.

Back at ya #jj.

Did you catch this pic earlier Snuff?
Lateral thinking.

Friedrich Nietzsche.
Spot on.

Got wood and pussy.
Hoped he’d died and gone to heaven….

But, got this instead.

Great cast. Black humour. Little gory, ( hence the title) :)

Via ;-) #true

. Hi mate. Good to see you still kicking ;-)

Oi #jj. What do you reckon about this little beauty?
Would certainly brown an onion hey? #yummo

Always happy to help guys.

Cup sizes from around the world:)

How I’m feeling more and more each day.

Why creative people won’t starve.

This mate.