I imagine Josh Beckett is much like Southern Comfort: Strong, warm, and, well, Southern.

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Saw someone dressed as this in DTX yesterday when I was heading back to work. Took me a minute.

How big is your Stella?

From Saturday's check-in at Not So Average Joe's. Now there's a tip.

Death to influenza; that shit isn't coming in here again.

Beautiful day in Birdland.

Not experiencing the same calendar woes as most this month.

Select spoils o' Sox from last weekend (specifically Picnic In The Park). Thanks again, ! <3

Last night's view ... 12 hours later (because Fenway ate my 3G signal, apparently). #RedSox #Twins #SQUEE

Thanks for the tickets, !

First, I'm gonna get'cha. Then I'm gonna eat'cha.

Titletown! Thank you, (cc: )! <3

My beautiful new work toy <3

There is a cardboard cutout of Edward Cullen looming over the BPL Lobby. Are they trying to deter people from reading?

Teeny tiny Chuck Taylors.

Converse really IS Heaven. HI JIMMY.

"Cock sauce."

America's most handsome superhero. Eat your heart out, Chris Evans.

Text from my friend's dad; we're practically kin (clearly) :D #RedSox #Twins

There are many words to describe this scene but the best one that comes to mind: LOVE.

Had I not retired the Schlongoria shirt, we could've been friends. #RedSox