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I am a professional cyclist. I make videos on YouTube it's like a self made really show about my life!

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Rocking a bracelet!!!

NOT AGAIN!!! Do you get it?!?

Fadorade is it in you...

Here are some spy pics lol!!!

Here are some spy pics lol!!!

looking good on the team card!!!

Got to look sexy in Vegas!!!

Been playing Dead Island such an awesome game!!

This is how I role!!!

Do they still teach kids to read this in school?

I dropped a knife and it cut me when it bounced just look at the damage it have done People a knife did that The red dot

I don't no how they got this answer?!? good thing I am not trying to be a firefighter like my little bro!!!

Here is the pic!! Lol

Cowboy baby!!!

That's what she said...

I want to date a girl with abbs like this!!! Oh and no head!

Doing a wheelie on the track. Finishing a flying 1k.

Just finishing up at the track. Had the hold thing to myself for 3 hours!!! #DOFAST

I am going to ride you so hard right now you are going to roll funny for a week...

Yes this smells so good!!!