I'm currently unemployed, so in between all the job searching, I have nothing else to do but share my every thought on here ^_^ Hope my Followers don't mind =P

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I put them together ^_^ lol.

I like this quote...

No. LOL. The one that Adam took the phone from ;) hehe.

OMG!!!!! What a difference!!!!

Oh em geeeeeeee!!!!!

Researching for tomorrow ;)

Awwwwww......I couldn't help myself. Adam gets a mention during my story...hehe.

#nowreading ;)

Still cleaning out my iPhone photos & came across this *giggles*

I love all her books. Never see them in the shops, so was stoked when I saw this sitting on the bookshelf in KMart!! ;)

I changed my lock screen photo ;) Awwww.

I have a uniform for my week's trial. Gotta be a good sign, right?!!? ;)

My FB quote for the day ~

Took a different route on my walk today. No beach this time...just a park & I discovered a FREE gym!! lol.

I'm wearing my "Hey, my last name is on your tshirt" tshirt. LOL.

I just played a prank on my sis. This is her hairdressing mannequin in her bed!!!

Remind u of anyone?!

Finally! An accurate forecast =D

I know I've always wanted to be taller, but this is a little extreme! LOL.