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Did my first improv show tonight club with an unbelievably talented group of people! LOVE IT!

Thanks, , for making fun of the name of my company and obstructing me from buying your Software.

Dig it!

Huge temperature drop today, and it feels like fall. Time for a big bowl of roasted vegetable barley soup!

Now I've been to the beginning and the end. I just need to see more of the middle!

Hunkering down for round 2 of the Icepocalypse with a bowl of homemade roasted cauliflower soup.

Yes, it's Christmas, and I'm eating at a Chinese restaurant. Life is good!


On the set of Chuck. I'm at the Buy More!

Triple D Approved!

Soup's on!

My, what wonderful soup you're going to make...

"See a doctor before playing."

Hey, Alias fans! Remember Will Tippin's Bronco? That's my wheels for the week!

Here lies The King.

Another awesome newsstand appearance for Yowza!!, this time in Real Simple magazine:

When in Chicago...

Dinner tonight: grilled pork chops with a creamy spring onion sauce.

Found the newsstand version of my article. Sweet!

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