Audrey Kare | オードリー


Aspiring artist/animator in Vancouver, currently looking for work in either game design or animation! Please check out my online portfolio!

Photos and Videos by @AudioErf

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grumble grumble unrealistic expectations of things grumble


stick with me and you'll never go hungry again


Squiguna and Leviyuuto

Fuyuppainwheel, Akicock that's an unfortunate portmanteau whoops


still goingdfhdkfj #skullgirls PLEASE DONATE AND HERE'S THE STREAM It's our last day! Support Skullgirls and breast cancer research! pq6 breast cancer donation drive is still going!! Let's get those numbers up for a good cause!!


Um. I don't know. There's some Carlotta in there???

Not feeling too hot, here are some ultra rough warmup sketches of King and Toni uwu;;

it happened again

and you all thought I was joking

i miss these guys

Think I got a little carried away with the hair here...

you think this is some kind of JOKE