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A rock band with a very active imagination...Greatest Fans Ever #oxox #LoveRock

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My nail polish theme for this weekend: I call it "Orion's Sherbet" #AtomicLove #clubvanity #oxox

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Pardon my absence;taking a night off from EVERYthing, pretending only me, Bowie, and #Okocim exist tonight #oxox

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Doing my absolute best to convince myself this winter doesn't suck epic tail. #AtomicLove #oxox

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Atomic Honey seal of approval (as far as Thai cuisine goes) #AtomicLove #oxox

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Happy New Year from Atomic Honeyland! Keep your shoulders square & head held high; believing is seeing.Love #oxox

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Here's the 2nd pic of the words on Brandon Lee's stone. Not sure who wrote them, but they're fantastic. Love #oxox

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The words on Brandon Lee's stone were beautiful. Here's one of two pics of them.

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And here is Brandon Lee's grave, right next to his father's. I highly recommend visiting them. Very meditative. xo

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Feeling nostalgic tonight. Here's a pic I took of Bruce Lee's grave this summer. Crows watch over it-no joke...

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Happy Glitter Day! #clubvanity Love #oxox

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I say goodbye to one of my all-time fav mirrors #rockstarsuite #clubvanity Love #oxox

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I call this nail motif "The Candy Castle" #clubvanity #oxox

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Here's my new black GlitterShirt. Cool or no? #clubvanity x

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Kickin' it in Georgetown (Seattle) this last summer. Across the street from old Rainier brewery. Love #oxox

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This is the Atomic Butterfly farting on the Atomic Weasel. I really DO wish I were joking #oxox

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And here's what the Atomic Buttlerfly looks like when it's below zero #vanityclut Love #oxox

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How about a #vanityclub pic of the Atomic Butterfly? She's SOO my girl. Love #oxox

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This is Sandy's much younger cousin, Trina. Still a Charvel, of course, but basically made by Fender. Love #oxox

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I am partial to Charvels, this is my old one I often use for solos. Her name is Sandy. Love #oxox

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Working on a secret song for tonight. Went with Classic Metal Warrior Motif. Love #oxox

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