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you should've stuck with it. Hello, Sir.

No, Steven. I want just one single thing from your god thing: STOP THIS


: you have your opinion”< and in my opinion you should follow this sign


I'm being prayed for yet again. I feel no different than I did beforehand, c'mon, God, do something then!

maybe this succinct message helps illustrate 's difficulty

The Easter Story in three words


Champagne and

These are a few of My Favourite Things..

: I totally LOVE Carl Sagan :)” < me too

: #illGetMadIfYou constantly say Gods name in vain.” < God is an utter cunt, grow up. Explain this, dick

The 'Religion of Peace'? This says it all

correct. I had to unfollow when she started making a competition out of (her) atheism. Not helpful! Mad

I've had to unfollow a few of those. I'm just not interested (Monicks.. Or whatever she's called) Jesus

Really? I mean REALLY? Does that go for this poor child too? Please explain this

all this coverage of #Pope is *not* international news. Get a grip. THIS is international news

: Just received this clever argument against evolution: "Not everyone agrees with you. Get over it."”

: If only everyone could experience the joy of being Christian being loved by God who gave his Son for us”<

I hope you all have love all year round, but.. Share this if you like, Valentine's Day.. Natural Selection / Love etc


Here's to Hitch.


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