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Downtown Salt Lake City.

Huh...I should probably quit being cheap and get new insoles today. >.>

Well look at these two beauties I just dredged up. :D

By the way, Reggie, I just snapped a picture of Geo after all that Wendy's he ate.

There is no monster under your bed. Only Tom Hanks, waiting, watching...

Lease signed, have the keys. Pic of our kitchen, and I can't lie, it kind of excites me.

I've managed to find 3 of the 4 old school Game Boy games I still own. The fourth is Donkey Kong. Can you guess what series I like?

The good thing about Christmas being over? These are back in stock! :D

Post-storm Mount Olympus. Man, it's nice living next to a mountain range. <3

I really like one of my new mugs. It makes me feel like an old-school adventure is beginning.

Picture of outside right now.

Looking at this, I have no idea what to describe myself after looking at this, but here's my outfit for the night.

Dear lord I love this outfit/costume.

Seeing the temple lights with . I've never actually been here before this time of year. It's really pretty.

I always love nice fountains.

I'd add "in bed" to this, but I figure why limit yourself to just that?

The Agent Coulson: Looks completely ordinary, but will have you on the ground in 10 seconds flat.