Douglas H. Wheelock


Test Pilot; NASA Astronaut: STS-120 & ISS-25; Space Station Commander; Aspiring Poet; Inspired by quiet moments, kindness and the power of the spoken word.

Photos and Videos by @Astro_Wheels

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New York City and New York harbor, with Lady Liberty lifting her lamp beside the Golden Door. “Give me your tired…your poor…your huddled masses yearning to breathe free!”

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Along the west coast of beautiful Italy, Mount Vesuvius stands proudly beside the sea towering over Naples and the ancient city of Pompeii

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So many memories from my home in upstate New York, and I couldn’t resist getting this great view of one of my very favorite childhood memories. The ‘American Falls’ and ‘Horseshoe Falls’ on the Niagara River…’Niagara Falls’.

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Celebrated the 4th of July in space by docking our ‘Progress – 38” re-supply craft to the Service Module. Here is a shot of Progress - 38 on final approach as we flew over the Mediterranean Sea. The island of Sicily is directly below us.

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To my beloved Doris Stone, and all that love peace and freedom…Grace and Peace on this blessed Independence Day! From the Node 2 ‘Harmony Module’ in the U.S. Segment, with Sonny Stone’s Congressional Medal of Honor…”No greater love…”

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In celebration of freedom and liberty…Happy 4th from the ISS Russian Segment! Photos of Tsiolkovsky and Gagarin keep a watchful eye on us in the ISS Command Post. The Congressional Medal of Honor is with us in tribute to all those that sacrifice all they know and love so people can breathe free.

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Happy 4th of July! Celebrating Independence Day morning in the Russian ‘Service Module’, the ISS Command Post. Photo of Yuri Gagarin with a white dove hangs on the passageway. So proud to be part of this peaceful effort in space. Ad Astra!

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Glamour Shot from space! Working on some scheduled maintenance in the Space Station bathroom compartment…not highly desirable work, but critically important. Sasha, the ISS Commander called my name and took this shot of me ‘living the dream’!

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Best Caption Contest - I am floating through the transfer hatch to my position in the Soyuz capsule, all suited and ready to take ‘Olympus’ for a spin around the block for re-docking. Would love to hear your ideas for a caption, maybe “Did you guys see the keys”?...

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Storing bio samples in the Minus Eighty Degree Lab Freezer – ISS (‘MELFI’). Looks like smoke but its ice fog. We store samples here at cryo temperatures until they can be returned to the ground to medical and science researchers.

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All smiles after we completed our flight in the Soyuz to transfer to the new MRM-1 docking port. Here I am at my duty station in the capsule. It’s a little small but I have a window seat. The undocking, fly-around, and re-docking went smoothly. ‘ Olympus ’ is a fine machine and flying great!

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Took the Soyuz spacecraft out for a little spin, to re-locate to the MRM-1 port on the nadir side of the Station. This is our ship ‘Olympus’, Soyuz TMA-19, on final approach to our new port on the Russian ‘Rassviet’ (‘ Sunrise ’) module.

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The view from Earth orbit of the Lunar Eclipse during Saturday’s beautiful full moon…the eclipse in progress with the Earth’s shadow moving across the surface of the moon, simply breath-taking! The Master’s handiwork…

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The gorgeous full moon from orbit, with the soft blue glow from my favorite planet! I hope our kids and grandkids are explorers, and go back one peace.

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It is the season for viewing Polar Mesospheric Clouds, and with our high beta-angle we were able to capture this thin layer of noctilucent clouds at sunset.

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Expedition 24 crew. Taken just after we docked to the ISS. Shannon, Fyodor & me in front; Misha, Sasha & Tracy in back. Photos of Gagarin and Tsiolkovsky on the wall.

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Me on cleaning day in the U.S. Lab. We call our vacuum cleaner 'Jaws'...and it was my turn to wrestle the beast! I won and the Lab is clean! :-)

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Our Soyuz TMA-19 spacecraft 'Olympus' on final approach to the Space Station. Taken when we were about 100 feet away from docking.

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“Don’t tell me that the sky is the limit, when there are footprints on the moon…” Sure looks beautiful setting behind our blue planet, maybe one day we’ll be daring enough to go back.

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Where the fertile river basin meets the desert…and where the modern meets the ancient…the pyramids and the Sphinx outside of Giza , Egypt.

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