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Neutral Bouyancy Run preparation with two of my favorite (and most beautiful)girls in the whole wide world!

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Suit-up Room in Astronaut Crew Quarters at KSC. Suit Techs do a great job ensuring we are properly bundled up! #FB

  • 2242 days ago via site
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Exiting from Slidewire Basket #1. Steph, Naoko and I go in 1; Rick/Dottie in 2; Dex/Mash in 3.

  • 2242 days ago via site
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On our backs in the middeck; ready for the practice launch countdown! #FB

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Crew at the 195' level on Pad A at our countdown test. Wind chill was below freezing that day!

  • 2242 days ago via site
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Enjoying time w/KSC folks at KARS Park 2 during out Countdown Test week. Awesome folks who do outstanding work!

  • 2243 days ago via site
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Son's message/art...pretty good for a 10 year old. Now he's 13 and 6'1" tall!!! They grow up too fast for me!

  • 2249 days ago via site
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Finally saw my daughter's pre-flight Exp 15 message while at Cape this week. Brought tears to my eyes. She was 6 then

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Stack shadow against Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB)during roll to pad last Tuesday. Impressive!

  • 2249 days ago via site
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Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test (TCDT): we even practice walking out and looking good! We are ready!

  • 2249 days ago via site
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"...he'll be comin' round the mountain, when she comes!!!"

  • 2252 days ago via site
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Close up of a professional M-113 tank driver! Mario Andretti eat your heart out!

  • 2252 days ago via site
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Tank Wrangler from Nebraska! Look out all those who drive slowly in the fast lane!!!

  • 2252 days ago via site
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Husker Fans; A&M vs. NU, fall 2007, look in lower left corner. Can you see it?

  • 2255 days ago via site
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One of my favorite shots from Expedition 15; I got lucky on this day!

  • 2257 days ago via site
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Orbiter Discovery lifted to attach to External Tank and Solid Rocket Boosters! What a feat of engineering!!!

  • 2257 days ago via site
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How about this one? Geography of the world not my strong suit, so encouraging help from the world of Twitter!

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Anybody know where this is? Took it on Exp 15; need some help you geniuses out there!

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Post sim bday party. Princess, you ask?...long story. Ref: Princess & Pea; Old buttocks tires after long sim on hard seat!

  • 2258 days ago via site
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Checking torque on battery bolts on ISS P6 structure. Will do this on orbit on our first spacewalk. Nice hat, huh?

  • 2259 days ago via site
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