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Crazy fun US (retired) Astronaut/consultant. Future author (Dec.), help w/STEM, S Media Q&A/space, love NASA, inventor of Twitpic POTD!

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Clay's "Pic of the Day (weekend!):" What say you? Can you help me out?

  • 1808 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" Easy one today...tried yesterday, but Twitpic not cooperating. Enjoy!

  • 1809 days ago via site
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Hey "geeky"...maybe closer to what you wanted? ;0) Clay's "Pic of the Day!" Haven't found the "perfect" one yet.

  • 1815 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day": For "geeky"...where and what?!?

  • 1816 days ago via site
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Clay's Pic of the Day: "Dam...summer re-runs!" I know where this one you?

  • 1817 days ago via site
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Clay's Pic of the Day: Just a cool sunset from orbit; relaxing end to the ISS EVA today. Enjoy! Quiz tomorrow.

  • 1818 days ago via site
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Clay's Pic of the Day: When I took this one, I thought they looked like "cow pies" from the fields of Nebraska!

  • 1819 days ago via site
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Clay's Pic of the Day: A "Dam" good picture if I do say so myself...but where is it?

  • 1820 days ago via site
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Clay's Pic of the Day: I think I know where this one you?!? BTW, are you enjoying this "game?"

  • 1822 days ago via site
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Clay's Pic of the Day: STS-131 "Fly-over...." Anyone know where we are flying over?

  • 1823 days ago via site
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For cedricmakay, Clay's "Pic of the Day:" The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. Taken during STS-131.

  • 1824 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" The Baja Peninsula, from Expedition 15.

  • 1825 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" was beautiful every time we passed over on E15.

  • 1826 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day." I am going to make you tell me again. U.S. for sure. Tweeps what say you? From Exp 15.

  • 1829 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" You guys tell me! Tweet it!

  • 1830 days ago via site
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Clay's Pic of the Day: Niagara Falls, Expedition 15. See the guy in the barrel?

  • 1831 days ago via site
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Clay's pic of the day...a thunderhead at, I'm getting tired of all this Houston rain!

  • 1832 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day"...huge iceberg break-up SE of the tip of South America from Expedition 15.

  • 1833 days ago via site
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Fires that burned in the NW US during our time on Expedition 15. One of our pics was actually used in a fire prevention brochure!

  • 1835 days ago via site
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Nature's symmetry in the Sahara Desert. This was one of my favorite places to view on Earth. Deadly, yet beautiful...all at the same time.

  • 1835 days ago via site
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