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Crazy fun US (retired) Astronaut/consultant. Future author (Dec.), help w/STEM, S Media Q&A/space, love NASA, inventor of Twitpic POTD!

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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" Maybe this one's easier than the "bonus" pic yesterday?

  • 1513 days ago via site
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Bonus Pic for today...some of you are just too fast at finding the answers!

  • 1514 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" Good luck Tweeps!

  • 1514 days ago via site
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Clay's "Labor Day Pic of the Day:" For those of you looking for something to do on this fine morning/evening!

  • 1515 days ago via site
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Per Request...STS131 Shuttle Discovery Rndz to ISS.

  • 1517 days ago via site
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In honor of NCAA Football season...beginning this weekend!

  • 1518 days ago via site
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For your weekend...I'm seeing "spots" before my eyes! Have at it and have a great weekend Worldly Tweeps!

  • 1518 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" I really like this picture. Please help me determine "...where in the world;" it is! Thanks!

  • 1518 days ago via site
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Bonus: "Pic of Day 2:" I think you guys are liking this?!? We are ALL learning!

  • 1520 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" I decided to "change the temperature" a bit! This is a "COOL" photograph, huh Tweeps?

  • 1520 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" Don't be "green" with envy today...just help me figure out where this is! Thanks Tweeps!

  • 1521 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" And where, my Tweeps, might this place be?

  • 1522 days ago via site
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As a weekend bonus...since you asked for more, here you go. What can you tell me about this place?

  • 1523 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the (SUN) Day:" Please help me on this one Tweeps! It's an absolutely gorgeous photo, huh?!?

  • 1523 days ago via site
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Since you guys are so good; "Pic of the Day2!" Go for it! Have a great weekend!

  • 1525 days ago via site
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Reposting today's pic after some enhancement.

  • 1525 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" Once again, it's time to play in the world of geography! Happy searching!

  • 1525 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" I need your help again my Tweeps! Go for it!

  • 1526 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" Here's a good one...maybe easier NEXT time! I need your help on this one! Seek and ye...

  • 1528 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" This one may be a bit harder for you, but it is a specific place/object. Good luck!

  • 1530 days ago via site
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